Selasa, 13 November 2007

Gokil Banget

Plastic Packaging!

The other day I went out to buy a cassette adapter for my iPod, so that I could play it in my car (the fact that I still manage to have a cassette player in my car is not up for discussion). Upon anxiously removing it from the yellow plastic Best Buy bag (shameless plug), I couldn’t wait to plug it in and get to jammin’…BUT…unbeknownst to me when I bought it, it was packaged in one of those Fort Knox plastic encasements that can only be opened by Edward freakin’ Scissorhands!!!

What is with this REDICULOUS packaging?!?!?!? Let’s think about what is packaged like this: cassette adapters, batteries, remote controls, cheap cell phones and their accessories, etc. etc. etc.

Let’s think about what is NOT packaged like this: Guns, drugs (OTC or not), “women of the night” (there’s an idea), anything poisonous, cigarettes, or basically anything dangerous at all!

Who’s idea was this? I have gone over the possibilities in my head as to why companies would do this, and they are all preposterous!!! They are:

Theft deterrent: yes, because stealing is supposed to be the hard part, not opening the stolen merchandise!!!

Attractive Packaging: Really…I mean…REALLY!

So that you can hang it on the damn display case: One word: SHELF

Demonstration of Value: eh hem…I have never seen anything worth more than $20 in this type of packaging…have you? Plus, the only thing I value after opening one of these is the time I lost trying to blow the packaging open with an M60 (which also didn’t work, and didn’t come in a plastic case).

It is time to do away with this damn plastic skin on products!!! And if you just gotta have it…use it on something that makes sense! You want a crime deterrent? Put weapons in this damn plastic packaging!!! Half of these idiots out there will cut their hands open trying to dig it out and not be able to hold the gun anyway.

Oh, and my favorite EVER: Scissors are packaged like this!!! SCISSORS!! How in your face is this? “Yeah, you wish you could get in here to these scissors…but you need them to OPEN THIS PACKAGE!!!”

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